Founder's Profile


Mr. Hitesh Oza, Owner of the company-Basic Investments has a unique vision for his employees and customers that everybody who meets him should have lot of money. He wants to create Wealthy Society where people do not work for money but money work for them. And he walked by his talk and he got retired in 2010 at the age of 36 with Abundance of different form of wealth. Now He work by Choice not by Compulsion.

That is exactly the vision and Mission of Basic Investments Company.

Mr. Hitesh Oza, Being CFP [Certified Financial Planner] his focus is always on the need of clients and requirements of different financial stages of client’s life cycle. Our 12 years of existence offering a broad range of investment products across asset classes with varying risk parameters that cater to needs of various customer segments, have enabled us to garner trust of over 550+ investors.

Mr. Hitesh Oza is into the field of Finance since last more than 12 years and undergone different kind of high value trainings in his career such as Money Workshop, Landmark Education, Achievement Challenge, Entrepreneur Gurukul [3 years Training], LEAP, Art of LIVING, Time Management, Mind Power, I am The Brand, Professional Selling Skills, 21st Century Agents, Dynamic Yoga & Parenting, Situational Leadership, SSY & Professional Insights, KEY Accounts Management etc.

As he always believes that “SIKHNA BANDH TOH JITNA BANDH”…

Mr. Hitesh Oza is a six times MDRT and 1 time COT Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance and amongst the best Advisors in the country. He is one of the TOP Consistent performers in Mutual Fund distributors among NJ Networks Partner. He is dealing in all kind of financial products such as Life Insurance, PMS, MF, Health Insurance, Bond ,Real Estate etc with AUM of around 80 crores Plus. He is amongst the few best Fee based Certified Financial Planner in the Surat city.

He has been interviewed by Divya Bhaskar News paper & few other media as well. He also selected as a Brand Ambassador of Kotak Life Insurance Life Advisor Recruitment program where ONLY 2 Out of 36000 Life Advisor have been selected. He is a member of Chambers of Commerce & Certified Financial Planner Association of Surat City.

His goal is to support 5000 family to achieve “Financial Freedom” by the way of financial planning by April 2017.



Welcome to Basic Investments - Financial Products Distributors Network, one of India's leading and most successful network of distributors in the financial services industry.

Started in 2002, Basic Investments seeks to reach out to the common man and extend the opportunity to create wealth through an empowered network of financial products distributors the Basic Investments Partners. To its Partners, Basic Investments provides a full service, comprehensive business platform with end-to-end solutions critical for success in financial products distribution practice. With its compelling set of offerings covering every area of distribution practice, Basic Investments has managed to successfully transform the lives of many small and big distributors.


“ To Create Wealthy Society by Supporting People to Enhance Their Wealth Effortlessly…!”


To Create Individuals Who are ...

  • Very Rich & Wealthy
  • Creating Wealth Effortlessly
  • Not working for Money, but money work for them.
  • Are free to do whatever they love to do.
  • Share actively their Wealth & knowledge with Society.
  • Living in Abundance
  • Enjoy the Luxuries of Life

Big Harry Audacious Goal

“ To Support 5000 Family to Achieve Financial Freedom by the way of Financial planning by April 2017.”


Registered & Corporate Office:
C-213, Udhna Sangh Building,
Nr. Divya Bhaskar Press, Udhna, Surat - 394210, Gujarat.